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AVG Pro vs AVG Free:

Page Updated: 2008-03-04


AVG Anti-Virus Free is available to home users for personal and non-commercial use on one non-networked computer only.
Use of AVG Anti-Virus Free within any organization (including non-profit organizations), or for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
AVG Anti-Virus Free is absolutely not for use with any type of OEM bundling with software, hardware components or any service.
AVG Anti-Virus Free uses the same detection methods as AVG Anti-Virus Professional Edition.
AVG Anti-Virus Free does not offer the full set of features available in AVG commercial products.
In addition to the licensing limitations, there are several key performance differences that can impact the level of security on AVG Anti-Virus Free users’ computer.


Product attribute AVG AVG Free
License term 2 Year Commercial License Home Use Only
Technical support 24/7 Technical support via e-mail No technical support
Virus/program updates via internet High-speed and high capacity
download servers
Non-priority download
Language support Multiple language support English only
Support of Windows 64-bit systems Yes Not available
Processing of infected files Automatic healing Automatic healing
OEM installations Several options available Not allowed
Anti-virus scanning Powerful scanning engine Powerful scanning engine
Detection of Potentially
Unwanted Programs
Yes Not available
Scheduled scanning frequency Flexible scheduling of scanning Once a day
Scheduled update frequency Flexible scheduling of updates Once a day
Automatic update upon
detection of the Internet
Yes Yes
User defined tests Advanced configuration options Pre-defined tests only
Resident Shield exclusions Yes Not available
Options to define file name
Yes Not available
User interface Advanced / Basic interfaces Basic only
Test result reporting Detailed history Basic reporting only
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