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Page Updated: 2009-08-07

*** New version released July 2009 - Clarkconnect 5.0

Do you have a need for a gateway/firewall solution to connect your LAN to broadband, yet provide protection from the WWW?  Contact me to obtain information on a ClarkConnect solution for your home or organization.
ClarkConnect is now available in two flavours..
ClarkConnect Community Edition - for home users,
ClarkConnect Enterprise Edition - full featured for commercial and non-profit users.

The Enterprise Edition provides a value added Linux based software package that integrates the following functions:

CCGoldPartner Internet Firewall and Gateway,
Intrusion Detection, Prevention and Analysis/Reporting,
VPN connectivity,
Bandwidth management,
Groupware functionality,
Network Backup of client machine data
LAN DHCP Server and Windows Connectivity,
E-Mail server with Spam control and Mail Archive,
Maildump, Web Mail,
Web and FTP Server,
Web Proxy, Web Filtering,
Web Statistics both incoming and lan user based.

It is compatible with Telephone DSL, Cable Modems and Wireless Broadband and can function with dynamic or static IP addressing.  The best part is that you can take an old computer that meets the RedHat minimum requirements, install and configure the software and you are in business (pardon the pun)!

If you require continuous monitoring of your broadband connection, a managed solution can be arranged that provides regular monitoring of your server's health.

I recently enhanced my site by adding a local web search tool (Ht://dig). There is also support for file and print servers for your Microsoft client machines.

I am available to install/configure/change/upgrade/maintain your CC system at the rate of $35/hour, or a yearly support fee can be arranged. Price effective January 1/2008.

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