Communications Interface and Integration

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Page Updated: 2019-04-09

Communications Interface and Integration


Hey, I'm now retired from my paying job! 30 years in Telecommunications and Video Support. I have also certified with the business product line of AVAST antivirus products. My son Kevin can assist you with many types of programming and/or site development. If you need a quote, just let me know. - Also available: white paper on Malware.


Another Update :-) Just upgraded the server software yesterday. The site is now running on ClearOS 7.2 - I know there are many things that are broken (yet again). Please let me know as you find them, and I'll try and make it right. Cheers Everyone.


Long time no update :-) Just upgraded the hardware and the server software yesterday. The site is now running on ClearOS 6.6 - the underlying PHP stack has been upgraded to 5.3.3, so I know there are a few of the things that are broken. Please let me know as you find them, and I'll try and make it right. Cheers Everyone.


Just downloaded CC5.0 - I will try and install it over the next few days, wish me luck.


Ran out of space on my logging partition a while back, and learned a valuable lesson today trying to expand the partition size. Never work on a RAID1 partition without splitting the raid first. Suffice to say that is the reason the site was offline for a day and a half. The good news is that I didn't lose anything (except my mind). On the other hand, if you want to know how to split a raid1 array back into its constituent components, I'm your guy. ;-)


I have just upgraded the server software to ClarkConnect Enterprise 4.3 version. If you spot anything out of the ordinary on any of the sites, please drop me a note.


My ISP will be changing my IP address on this day, hopefully the DNS will propagate quickly.


AVG has just released a new Anti-Virus product line. There are free upgrades to existing AVG 7.5 users.


I've updated the MySQL and PHP version on the website - if you run into snags, drop me a note and I'll fix them as quickly as possible.


I've updated the links to the Amateur Radio Emergency Services pages to reflect the fact that they are now available to all amateurs in the Magnetawan Sector.


I've changed my contact link to a php driven form. It no longer invokes your e-mail software just to send a quick message. You can the message directly from the form - as long as you can read the captcha word!


I've recently started running my pages though the W3C validation process.
Also I finally have the SSL certificate properly installed.
In the next week or so, I hope to upgrade my broadband connection. When that happens, the site may be hard to reach for a day or so till the DNS servers get caught up.


Wireless Router Warning - distributed by AVG Reseller Services.


I've added a glossary page for some of the terms that are found througout the site. Hope you find it helpful. If you want any further terms defined, please drop me a note.


I've added a few pages to explain more about the different AVG products that are available. If you run XP SP2, then you have firewall protection and Anti-Malware is probably enough. For a little extra $ though, you get enhanced protection with AVG Internet Security.


New website design almost complete and information transferred over. I hope to have the rest finished within a week. Hope you like the new layout and as always, if you have any comments, please feel free to drop me a line. Thanks.

2007.Jan.26 CII authorized to resell the AVG product line.

Broadband has arrived in the area. First implementation of e-mail and web server.
C.I.I. authorized as a ClarkConnect partner.

1998.Aug.16 Custom computers manufactured to customer's specifications.
1995.Mar.22 C.I.I. orders hardware products from Toronto Suppliers.
1994.Nov.12 C.I.I. opens for business.


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