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Page Updated: 2010-09-30
Website look and feel: The stylesheet used is from the Dreamweaver MX program, modified for this site. I use a slightly different stylesheet by Ruthsarian for the Northern Ontario Repeater List and Amateur Radio Emergency Services website..

Hardware: This site is running on a Celeron 2.4G 512Mb box with dual 500GB HDD in a RAID1 configuration using Linux based open source software. ClearOS provides a stateful firewall and gateway between my LAN and broadband connection.

ClearOS Software: The firewall is fully configurable allowing me to run an IRLP Node for the
VE3ERX Repeater behind the firewall.
Apache is used as the web server, and the backend processing uses PHP with a MySQL database.
ClearOS software has a statistical package which allows me to view website visits and traffic generated. Another package tracks websites that my client computers access.
ClearOS software uses a Postfix e-mail server with a Horde groupware package which allows me to check e-mail remotely using webmail. Another feature is the Samba file server. This allows Windows based computers to communicate and transfer files to the linux based ClarkConnect computer.
Another neat feature of the firewall is intrusion prevention. If someone tries to hack in, after six unsucessful attempts, SNORT determines the IP address where the attack originated from and locks it out for 24 hours. It also tracks and responds to Apache and MySQL hacking attempts.

The beauty of ClearOS is that it integrates all this functionality into one package with a
GUI (graphical user interface) front end. You can perform all functions from the command line
if you prefer, but the web administrator GUI makes it easy to add users and configure the software
packages you require for your particular installation.

For more information on how ClearOS can benefit your business please don't hesitate to contact me.
The software always has the latest security patches applied automatically and it is enhanced regularly with new features.
What's New | Site Map | Contact CII
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